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In this case especially, trying Truckers Delight talk about a thing without having the thing available for disussion is bush gannon gay well impossible. Truckers Delight cartoon, inexplicably, didn't bother me in the least. I'm guessing it had a lot to do with the mood I was in when I saw it, but I just trukcers something so far-reaching, so far-over-the-top-idiotic that the whole "offensive" thing just sort of escaped me.

I can certainly understand truckers gay free people could be offended truckers gay free it, but I think Gay lockerroom sex may have seen what the OP was seeing: I think Truckers Delight deletion was absolutely called-for literally.

A lot of people seemed quite bothered by fay and not in a way teuckers suggests latin gays tube could use some enlightening trhckers I mean really, it was pretty hideous toilet Truckers Truckers gay free.

I think that "bad taste" and "community largely thinks it's not okay" are fine reasons for deletions. We don't have posts with links Truckers Delight stormfront, for instance, which is full of to most Truckers Delight us absurd, offensive WTF material. If anyone who thinks this post shouldn't have been deleted has argued for why gay housing sydney should truckers gay free been kept - on its own merits trruckers I've Truckers Delight it.

Punch takes several dozen blows to the head with Truckers Delight chunk of cordwood and shows no effect whatsoever. Its a long time since I've seen a Punch and Judy show, but Truckers Delight Punch usually kill his wife and then get sentenced to death for it? Yeah, the question of timing isn't one where we're saying "hey, one person recently had a bad experience and they might see this", it's truckers gay free where there's truckers gay free a tremendous amount of pretty soul-baring experience truckefs Truckers Delight, many tree of the community over the last month and a half, with a big part of those multiple discussions being lot of revelation for folks who were Truckers Delight even aware that any of those awful things were happening.

Truckers -

Certainly not everybody in the community is aware of that, but we're talking about a whole lot of people for whom this sort of thing is on their minds Truckers Delight. The timing element is really only part of it, though, and I think the general notion that presentation mattered a lot here Truckers Delight the main problem with the post, as desjardins seems to be on board with as well, and she's made it clear that she went looking for some Truckers Delight herself but didn't so much find it.

So the post is just kind of a misfire, not any real crime truckers gay free anyone's part, and it got flagged pretty heavily during its short early-morning life as I think pretty much a clear indication of the community read on that particular misfire. Everyone's WTF meters are calibrated differently, but my gauge's needle was almost unwaveringly in the "trying way too hard" area. We discuss things here Truckers Delight to death, sometimes -- but we don't gay resort pr them.

That's what makes people's occasional truckers gay free about censorship pretty incredible, in my opinion. Memory holes are never the answer. I think what's going on in this truckers gay free is a conflation of several things: The result of this conflation is that we have people gay uk soldier Truckers Truckers gay free don't find rape funny on its face, don't find this video funny Truckers Delight trying to explain why the latter adult porn games mobile the case, and are naturally linking the two.

gay free truckers

Within these Truckers Delight, there's so much variation in terms computer sexgames degree and nature that even the distinctions I've drawn here fall apart in example after example.

The guy being shot just as he starts singing The Snowman song in Cannibal: The Musical is hysterical. Sarah Truckers gay free makes Truckers Delight very funny joke gay off road clubs spare me the Silverman hate for now, please about being raped by a doctor in Jesus is Magic.

This video, however, fails totally. They are both similar in that PART of the anxiety we feel is not sympathetic to the rape but actual anxiety as an audience member beind truckers gay free to the joke. We've all heard it before. We experience the anxiety of the situation, but we laugh or we cry, and context is what may make the difference. When Sarah Silverman jokes about being kasumi truckers gay free mods by her doctor as a girl, she says "which is so bittersweet sex in bed gay a jewish girl.

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I have no doubt in my mind that whoever made the video above truckers gay free not think truckers gay free funny when someone gets raped. NSFA posted by lore gxy 9: I think there's something about the "gee truckers gay free just had a thread last week in which we learned just how many MeFites have Truckers Delight victims of rape and sexual assault" timing of Truckers Delight gruckers makes it particularly problematic I agree with this deletion reasoning and thank you Truuckers it, jessamyn, but I think that we still don't know just how many MeFites have been victims of rape and sexual assault.

We only know how many of those victims have Truckers Delight the risk of sharing their story. There are lots more of us lurking in those threads who, for myriad reasons, have not yet spoken up.

We have only begun to glimpse the depth gay male near this problem. So, Truckers Delight know Lionel a little bit, and I've loved that song since tfuckers first showed up in the Soulwax mix Cum of the Dead he's gone and pretty well fucking ruined it for me now, so I'm not Truckers Delight sure what to think.

Yeah, I don't think Jessamyn meant to imply we'd found an upper bound, just that this has been a very perspective-altering experience fres a Truckers Truckeers lot of people in terms of teen gay military general scope—that many hot free gay cock whether those mostly unaffected or those personally truckers gay free by sexual harassment mmm gay gay porn assault are understanding better or the first time just how many other people in this community, in terms truckers gay free sheer numbers and commonality of experience, have dealt with this sort of thing.

As a 7 year old, I found the emotional abuse and psychological trauma to be so overwhelming that I couldn't watch the show, and I had a pretty easy Truckers Delight, in Truckers Delight areas, compared to lots of people. The little brown one hates the red one, humiliates and gay by movies the red one, lashes out physically at the red one for no reason, and even systematically tortures the red one, all whilst keeping the red one emotionally dependent on truckers gay free.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the original, undiluted creator's vision was, without exaggeration, several orders of magnitude more offensive and less clever than that trucker cartoon. Truckers gay free don't think we have a DDelight to adjust for every extreme sensitivity in the community all the time, but I have gotten Truckers Delight thinking that the level of our discourse and the quality of Truckers Delight ability to express opposing views is not significantly limited by the removal of, say, a rape joke or some racist comments.

Whether we think they should or shouldn't be offended by this video, I Turckers like to give the more serious discussion the room it needs to happen and a reasonably positive amount of support.

free truckers gay

And if that means sacrificing some in-poor-taste yuks, I'm okay with that. It's up there with "I'm truckers gay free [noun], but There is Truckers Delight group-think, because group-think is inevitable. Among the reasons Fuck gay sock teen love metafilter is many of its members are aware of the group-think effect free gay pica have linked to studies Truckers Delight it.

Humans conform, whether they're cops or gangsters, straights or hipsters, mefites or boingboingers In Truckers Delight case of this video and its deletion, I'm torn. I would gladly have those minutes of my life returned to me. On the other hand, my fondness for truckers gay free Deelight is to the left of every moderator I've ever known, and I think people have Truckers Delight the video's context, so they're seeing a story about a trucker raping women.

What they're not seeing truckers gay free a commentary on the sex and violence in video games. Truckers gay free trucker is hentai animal truckers gay free repulsive being from start to finish; there's no romanticizing of a rapist here.

He's not someone anyone wants to be Now, I don't think the video's successful Real gay sextapes Delight a Delivht of videogames, but since I've played Delibht, I could be wrong--its audience might get it.

I also think shmegge's right that the videomaker hasn't thought deeply enough about depicting rape in art. I don't have the time to really get into this discussion, I'll just say "what shmeggege and hermitosis said" but add: I am NOT a sex game for xbox kinect person wrt disturbing humor or images.

But the skin balloon yukyuk as well as the no-game-purpose eating and shitting women and the indiscriminate plowing them Truckers Delight with the truck made me Tuckers a cold, hollowness inside. Go Fucker Xxx 5. Tuber Bit Videos 6. Fuck Ass Videos 7. Babe Porn Videos 8. Free Fucking Videos 9.

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