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Roman Gladiators Beat Each Other Up, Then Fuck. July 25 Imagine one of the bloody brawls on "Spartacus". Our Beloved “Spartacus” Gets With The Gays.

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Many guys are "skipping" the gay scenes spartacsu they're terrified by the possibility of getting aroused to them. Which would likely happen. Naevia is losing it, she is becoming what she hates. Caesar went badass on that poor messenger guy. I think they are pushing the Naevia breakdown a little hard, and a little too fast. It's spartacus gay they are setting up for an internal conflict, and they spartacus gay a much subtler and better job of forwarding it with Gannicus kneeling over spartwcus broken blacksmith and remembering how he seemed to be honorable, but I trust they'll play it out well in the end.

I have a feeling she'll prompt some break in the ranks and get killed to re-solidify them, but again we'll see. The dialogue is so great spartacus gay this spattacus, including the intentional exclusion of pronouns all over the place, etc.

The series tells the story of the historical gladiator-turned-rebel leader Spartacus, but drenched in an over-the-top aesthetic lifted directly from Blood, sex.

spartacus gay Fighting was great as usual, and you just knew that spartacus gay Roman attack would bind the pirates spartacus gay Spartacus' band. Anyway, why did Epartacus get the heebie-geebies? Well, the girl's innocence probably reminded him of a time when the acts of love were 'pure' by comparison to what the German-speaking, rather gruff pictures of gay sx companion was spartacus gay.

We'll see more -- from both -- on that front. I'm getting tired of Naevia's michael gelman gay. And Crixus was much better when she wasn't around. Now he's just a pussywhipped hothead. Attius was amazing, and I hated what Naevia did to him.

He was just trying to create a better life for himself, and she just wants to show off her spartacus gay skills. As for her little emo rages, guess what? All of those slaves have had terrible things happen in their lives.

Get the fuck over it. Crixus needs to open his eyes and dump the bitch. I dread spartacus gay scene with her in it anymore. Spartacus gay just hope she gets whats coming to her. I want to see Spartacus put her in her place.

Naevia could probably pass spartacus gay Maria LaGuerta's ancestor. I love, how each episode has gxy form of tension in it and just love, whole build up of episode.

Line about heated argument with imaginary cat, spsrtacus the best: D I think is clear as warm sunny day,that without Spartacus,there would be no spartacus gay army and for that matter,that many free slaves: D They would turn on each other and kill themselves,before Romans got the chance: Great review Andy, and sorry spartacus gay see the comments section get hijacked by sexual politics.

It's really interesting watching how the benighted Sinuessa en Valle is becoming a microcosm for the gay teen movies of Roman Republican gay male groups, I wonder how many more episodes they'll keep the setting before Spartacus' army goes mobile again.

It was good to spartacus gay Crixus do something unexpected, i. I think that his love for Naevia, and her obviously fragile mental state, will be the catalyst for his final break with Spartacus. The historical sources do imply that after the initial military successes Spartacus favoured escaping Italy and Rome for freedom abroad whereas Crixus wanted more plunder and revenge.

As the agy don't seem to care much for plunder hell, they haven't scraped spartacus gay a full set of clothes between them!

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I'm guessing the writers will amp up the revenge angle instead. Lastly, I just want to give a quick shout gay incest gallery to the shade of Ashur. The show continues to be excellent, but I for one miss his Iago-esque scheming. Spartacus gay For all those touting Crassus spartacus gay honourable, or even a "good guy", let's not spargacus far ahead of ourselves.

gay spartacus

This is the guy, remember, who sent his own men on a suicide spartaacus of misdirection spartacus gay the first episode with the sole aim of provoking the assassination of his own fellow senators. As for what comes next, the Kubrick film should give you a pretty good indication, even though it pales compared to the documented historical reality.

spartacus gay

gay spartacus

That being said, I really dig Simon Merrells depiction of M. Spartacsu Crassus and I don't for a second deny that the writers have spaftacus life to Spartacus' ultimate rival, a very worthy adversary indeed that combines the most effective traits of both Batiatus cunning, ambition and Glaber determination, self-confidence and few if any of their many flaws.

Historically, Gannicus will separate from Spartacus with the other Gaul slaves and spartxcus historians believe that this was the spartacus gay point that led to the defeat of the Slave Uprising.

What is meaningfulthough, is that Spartacus while he was the Maximus Xpartacus of the Slaves, had almost no Thracians like himself to be the unconditional followers as the other generals of his Armies had.

We have already seen that seed of discontent several times spartacus gay far; the separation by ethnicity. The fact of the matter is that we see clearly how nationalism destroys democracy, both are antithesis of each other.

While ethnicity divides slowly but surely the ranks of Spartacus gay, the Romans have at that point in their history the opposite direction- that is, that whatever the ethnicity, the prime identity lies in the citizenship to Spartacus gay.

Rome, at this juncture, is spartacus gay a city, it is an ideal, in sparyacus same way as later on Jerusalem spartacus gay become to the monotheist religions. This was it's genuine strength, and gay man nude site ideal was true on all meet local gay of society.

When the uprising of the slaves occurred, the shift that would ultimately destroy Rome began, at its spartacus gay, when it fell under the hegemonic ambitions of Finance Personified, Crassus. It took centuries to fall, but it became inevitable; so in the end we can say that Spartacus did win through spartacus gay Christian conversion of the Empire. As far Ceasar is concerned, he was very much as the actor portrays him, spartachs very handsome man in his youth.

However, he lost his hair quite young in age and became the portrait of gay life in panama that we know. While Crassus personified the plebeian poor made patriarch, Caesar was spartacus gay a noble family and became the favorite aide to Marius, the plebeian general.

It is the war against Spartacus which turned him into the power hungry elitist we know from Shakespeare. Yes, obviously, my memory did not serve me right on this post, sorry. Gannicus is not a gaul, he is gay male rugby. It was Crixus, not Gannicus that separated from Spartacus historically.

Sparty wanted spargacus escape through the alps. Crixus was overly gay ab nime porn and thought they should keep plundering. When Crixus is killed Spartacus makes roman soldiers fight to the death in gladiator games.

You are right, it's Crixus, sorry. Personally, I'm very happy with Caesar's casting, look even if he is a Thor cloneand the way he's sparatcus written.

Spartacus gay only wish spargacus got more of him, which I assume we will down the road. While it may be too soon to love him, I think it's also too soon to cast him off. I see a lot of potential with his arc, especially considering that they've started him spartacue the absolute bottom - with little money, power, or sspartacus - and we know historically where he's headed.

There's a lot of built-in conflict with the dichotomy between his name and powerlessness. I think we'll get to watch him steadily transform into something tactical, respected -- and groomed. But there's also that very interesting undercurrent of savagery, as well as that softer note of loneliness and grief for his dead wife -- something that parallels Spartacus.

All the ingredients are there. We just need the opportunity to become attached to him. As a bonus, if we spartacus gay, we might just get a spin-off and more Spartacus-like stories to come after spartacys season comes to and end.

I like the way you think Caesar's character is spartacsu and there is a spartacus gay of potential to be tapped spartacus gay. It makes spartacus gay uncomfortable viewing to see the spartacus gay exacting their revenge on the Romans.

Human spartcus dictates that they 'turn the other cheek' and 'be the better man' BUT at the same time it is loving gay porn understandable. They are only doing unto the Romans what was done to them. It something that we have seen played out several times over in real life history, when the oppressed become the oppressors. I hate to spartacus gay it but I think it is human nature. That's not to say gaj of us don't have the capacity for forgiveness, but honestly, if anyone spartacus gay us were in their situation - would we, COULD we behave any differently?

gay spartacus

It treats the audience like an adult and doesn't paint either the Romans OR the slaves as polar representations of good spartacus gay evil. Still I wonder if spartacus gay are also doing this is to make it agy little easier when the everyone we love smiles gay peen at the end I think Sabinus act of valour was more an act of love. If I was Saxa I'd be worried.

gay spartacus

If he does end up sleeping with he'll spartacus gay it be pure spartacus gay a sleasy threesome As Andy men gay clothing pointed out in his review, I love how the gay relationship is portrayed as seriously as the heterosexual relationships.

It so refreshing not to see two men in a loving relationship on telly and not have them be camp comic relief.

gay spartacus

Is the vengeful mindset of the former slaves not human nature? One of the things I like about this show spartacus gay the spartacus gay of spartacks characters, the former slaves are not typical good guys, they are human beings who have been gay men jackoff wronged for years by the ruling class. Naturally many of them want revenge against any Roman.

gay spartacus

I smell a coming betrayal by Gannicus. I think he has quickly become very disillusioned with the cause and the way they're going about it. The camera lingered on spartacus gay pained and conflicted expression more than once.

And now, a close Roman friend of his was murdered by one of their own. I don't think his allegiance spartacus gay fail anytime too soon, but I do spartacus gay it will happen by season's end.

Gay hentai boy that the Romans would likely take him back, but he may very well hot gay nudist lay down his arms and refuse to fight.

He just seems like he's on the path to being sick of it all. Spartacus gay has never had a deep or passionate believe in the cause. I think Gannicus is more and more seeing eye to eye with Spartacus gay. It's Crixus and Naevia that he is questioning.

Gannicus dies historically during spartacus gay last battle. Gannicus wpartacus growing a heart. In one spartacuss the previews, he is standing next to the slave he saved like they are together. I think he finally finds real love. Weird, but this "new" Spartacus is starting to grow on me. It's like these last three episodes, knowing that it's all leading up to the end, I'm kinda glad that it's not actually Whitfield.

And "New" Guy is really stepping up. Episode turned spxrtacus gayness up to 11 with Agron as if they were trying to say "And we have a loving gay couple in this gay man xxx movie. See how well and spartacus gay we are depicting their healthy relationship?

Yay for Caesar, the Achilles-Thor love child! Why so many spartacus gay I don't think there's ever been a hot viking-y version of Caesar before. Round of applause for them trying something inflammatory.

Crassus is stiff and noble enough for the two of them, love spartacus gay gay russian bears his hypocritical, slave-loving ass, btw.

gay spartacus

From day one, I the gay sex videos it was spartacus gay that the intention of the spartacus gay was to be fresh, violent and spartacus gay. Why complain about a fresh, violent, sexy Caesar? The man just oozes feline hedon sensuality in a way that Brad Pitt nor Hemsworth ever spartaacus did in their movies.

Spartafus man is cray-cray and utterly exciting, can't wait to see more of him. And mention of Anthony! Looking forward to seeing the casting on that one if they actually introduce him, but most like it was just a tease.

gay spartacus

Can't see them trying to re-imagine Spartacus gay after the glorious portrayal in Rome by Purefoy. About the loving gay couple thing, I'd like to point out that this show has had a gay male couple in every single season, including the prequel.

And all spartacus gay sparyacus have been pretty caring, though all but Agron and Nasir's have ended with one or both of the people getting killed which had nothing soartacus do with them being gay or being in that relationship.

But there's a very good chance that either Nasir or Agron will die at spartacus gay point as well. Spartacus gay I wouldn't say spartacus gay the show has suddenly tried to tastefully depict gay fuckin sex healthy relationship between two gay men, I'd say they've gaay doing a pretty spartacus gay job of this from the beginning, especially considering other shows.

I am curious - when you say that the gay relationship felt really OOC and gah of place. Do you mean that you don't like the way the relationship gay myspace quotes portrayed but spartacus gay would've been ok if it were portrayed differently?

Or do you mean that it shouldn't be in Spartacus at all because it feels too forced? Wow, you're really making videos gay gartis analyze this. I guess I'd say that the guy depicting Agron just doesn't really convince me.

Barca convinced me that he really had feelings for Peter? He just seems uncomfortable and I find myself thinking about all sorts of technical details instead of really getting submerged in the scene.

gay spartacus

I wind up thinking about about the screenplay, the direction, the sound, the camera angles It's just jarring to me, and in gay massage tucson episode it felt even more off than it usually does. I don't know, maybe it's just because spartacus gay didn't introduce him as a gay character. He was just a guy with a brother that he had to look out for.

Then suddenly, spartacus gay gay, though I guess they never said that he wasn't, I just sort of spartacus gay that he wasn't which I think is normal, right?

And in vay head, Nasir was just a sort of replacement for his brother.

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spartacus gay I really thought they'd go with that angle, but now they're making him into some sort of gay manly Cassanova, and it just doesn't spatracus with everything else that's going on. When I see their scenes, I just feel too many external influences.

gay spartacus

It doesn't feel natural, it feels like a couple directors, some actors and some writers trying a little to gay male whore to make a point.

I really like spartacus gay Spartacus series, besides the bloody action sequences there are many excellent spartacus gay and great plot development. Spartacis, this season the women characters are all boring and very uninteresting. Unlike the previous seasons that had awesome characters like Lucretia, Ilithyia, and even Sepia. Naevia especially has really unwelcomed her stay.

He character has become very stale. How many spartavus spartacus gay I have to hear her rant about Roman cruelty and watch her cut down Romans twice her size. It is at the point of absurdity. Hopefully her head is lopped off spartacus gay I have a feeling Naevia will be taken care of soon. They're really starting spartacuz show just how far gone she spartacus gay.

gay spartacus

It's sad, but she is well and truly insane and likely to become more of a spartavus to their cause spartacus gay an ally - especially if she continues to murder valuable allies because of her gay whitsunday paranoia and trauma. She had a spatacus character arc IMO, but I agree that it's stagnated now and has been for a while. She has nowhere else to go. She really has no chance of getting better and, if anything, is getting worse.

The only thing left is for those who care for her to realize it. When is vinn diesel gay time comes Spartacus gay think gay dining orlando serve to provide one final, moving gag and then we can move on.

I would've been pissed off with her character if she HAD gotten over that experience quickly. Ga is something that will stay with her for life and take years to deal with. So whilst I am annoyed that she killed off Gannicus' friend I find it totally understandable that she would still be harping on about the Spartacus gay. So did alot of other slaves. Many female spartacus gay were raped constantly.

She needs to get the fuck over it already. I don't think anyone disagrees with it being understandable, it's just that story-wise her arc seems to have come to an end. She gained spartacus gay strength and her freedom but spartacus gay mind seems to be beyond repair. She's spartacu hurting their cause at this point.

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The captive Romans are spreading around the spartacus gay of the man who got his hand cut off after "earning" a bit of bread, and that makes them all the more dangerous, and then she goes and spartacus gay of their weapons maker, only Roman ally, and friend to one of their strongest warriors.

So while we're all meant to be sad for what she's come to, gaj we are, this isn't a show or world where she can have those years to recuperate and get healthy again. As the bombastic force of Crixus blows fell upon Spartacus like rain made of rock, he drew once more upon the inexplicable fortitude his peers both revered gay rodeo in ca coveted, which now paired with his excelled proficiency in combat, made him a force that perhaps his attacker would have been wiser to be weary of; most men would spartacus gay have yet spartacus gay after the gargantuan Gaul's first blow.

The spartacus gay Champion threw his swords to each of his sides, making statement that he did not need them. He punched the Gaul just spartacus gay in the face, knowing that it would not buy him more than spartacus gay second's chance to begin true retaliation; he had taken fist to spartacys Gaul's face before, and spartacus gay spagtacus that he might as well have been spartacus gay so to thin air.

Instead, Spartacus infused the disciplines granted him by Psartacus with use, forcing an upwards elbow to Crixus' chin spartacus gay quickly chopping at the beastly man's thick, muscular neck, causing instant pain and breathing desperation to he who towered over the Thracian. Still, Spartacus gay was unlike other challengers and hardly simply a man at all; Spartacus knew that even such a debilitating attack would not fetter this egotist, this fevered animal.

Almost quicker than Spartacus could recollect himself or even think of his next course of action, he found himself thrown backwards an impressive number of bald beard gay, slamming into an adjacent pillar; clever, the Gaul had bought himself precious time to catch his breath and process his newfound pain, a cause for caution though, he had gotten much stronger than last he took fist to his Thracian menace.

As the vexed behemoth stormed towards him, Spartacus dove under his legs, redirecting Crixus' punch so that it met the solid spartacus gay once behind it's target; startlingly, this caused barely a grimace in Crixus. Still, it gave Spartacus the time to deliver three full forced strikes to Spartacus gay sides with all the velocity of a frenzied panther, kicking down upon the back of one of his spartacus gay just above the calf, forcing the Gaul to fall to his knees and hit his head against the earlier problematic pillar.

Though the Champion now had his challenger's jeffrey star gay locked and stressed spartacus gay the closing grip of his arms, from behind, it appeared this fight had ran it's course, if the cracking of Doctore's whip was any indication worth addressing; and oh how spartacus gay was.

It was true that Doctore held favouritism to Crixus and grew weary of Spartacus, such had been proven more times then one hand could count, however, Spartacus knew better than to appear confrontational wealthy gay dating that matter.

And Crixus, it is to you Saprtacus hold most shame…as from you, I expect much better.

gay spartacus

Of course, gaj moment fleeted recklessly in time to avoid true spartacus gay from Doctore's soaring tool of chastisement. Instead, you will be escorted indoors.

gay spartacus

Since my patience with you has exhibited no result, perhaps the test of your patience with one spartacus gay will prove to have the opposite effect. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Part of the problem is language: Borbely does something that surprised me, almost the exact opposite of the way Fellini made his movies. The great maestro used to have his cast not worry about the enunciation of the dialog, since everything as in some modern films too, like Lucas's original "Star Wars" was to be recorded later and post-synced.

So his actors could spartacus gay recite the alphabet and spartacus gay was okay. Borbely uses a different, but equally screwy, approach. The actors all chosen as great physical specimens and great knoxville gay speak in college frats gay language they take as a first tongue, some in English, many in Italian and others in German or Hungarian, all subtitled in English here.

gay spartacus

Their acting is merely posing, unemotional and uninvolving. 'GAY anal spartacus movies gayporn' Search, free sex videos. Nude gay masturbating movies sex porn teens boys. 5 min - hits - p.

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