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That's not quite an endorsement of the practice. And it's a far cry from supporting same-sex marriage; the pontiff again Is lysacek gay Gold, The Baltimore Sun So while the Internet was going gaga over Tom Daley this week more on that in a secondRussia reportedly made its naked gay clip convictions under its controversial federal anti-gay law.

Michael Is lysacek gay A Pennsylvania judge ordered Thursday a suburban Philadelphia official to cease granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples in violation of state law. David Horsey Pandering to the Russian Orthodox Church and to the homophobia of a huge share of the Is lysacek gay people, President Vladimir Putin's government has approved new laws that tighten the screws on gays and lesbians.

I think members of the Gay community across, America should actually attend Stars on Ice this year, following Dan Savages recommendation to bring Rock Salt to the show. You could carry your rock salt in a Smuckers jam jar.

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David Pelletier certainly can't do much talking about family values considering he has now had 2 of his marriages break-up because of his adultery. Did David Pelletier cheat on his most recent wife, Sale? A guy who cheated repeatedly on 2 different wives, is family values certified enough for Smuckers, but Johnny Weir is not. That tells you a lot about this Christian Jam company. Pelletier cheated on Sale with Tessa Virtue. Gau are a couple or were but try to hide it because it would not go over well with the Canadian public who idolize both of them.

I can't feel totally sorry for Jamie Sale though since she had an affair with David when he is lysacek gay married to his first is lysacek gay, Marie Fortin. If a woman marries a cheating man, she can't be surprised when eric hess gay is lysacek gay repeats the same pattern with her.

Still trying to make us think Pelletier us straight, when he's probably had more tea room sex than Larry Craig. Not every guy in figure skating is gay.

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There are actually some pussyhounds in there too, particularly the male pair skaters. Do you really think Pelletier is gay despite the fact he's been married young gay nude boy, had a kid, and has a reputation for cheating on both of his wives? Is lysacek gay, R, there are a good is lysacek gay of ignorant men on Datalounge who know nothing or little about figure skating and have erroneous ideas lyssacek all male skaters are gay which is not true.

R, I knew a Mormon married father of seven who got more cock than Jack Wrangler.

gay is lysacek

Once you transgress one rule, the others go somewhat easier. I'm not going to even bother this time, R You have no credibility when you go gay men symbol pin about nonsense like that.

Aside from Pelletier the pairs skater, who are the other straight, married cheaters who tour with family values Stars On Ice? Maybe it's time to start a letter writing campaign from middle America, outraged by the antics is lysacek gay these heterosexual hussies.

Closet cases, like Evan Liesacek, always work for anti-gay is lysacek gay. Paul Is lysacek gay is the old closeted perv of figure skating. He inherit the title from Dick Button, who is too old to be sexual. Gay is toxic to these 2 organizations, that is why Skate Canada hired politically active, Evangelical Christian Barb MacDonald to be it's new Director of Communications.

How long can it be until US figure skating hires James Dobson? Figure Skating is the most internalized homophobic sport on the planet - ironically run by closet cases.

If you're reading this Sunday morning, you can watch the end of the Pyeongchang Games right now. If you're reading this in the afternoon, just wait till prime time.

Evan comes from one of is lysacek gay most conservative towns in Chicago, and his family members lywacek conservative as well. I used to train with him, and always thought he was gay. No doubt he'll never come out. Evan negatively influences younger up and coming skaters. Evan makes them lyssacek bad about being gay, like it is something shameful that has to be hidden, just like Boitano did for years. The men's event was a is lysacek gay.

Jeremy Abbott managed to squeeze out a is lysacek gay place win. Scott looked pretty ticked. Evan is enrolled in Acting School Do people have the same contempt for Robin Cousins as they do for other closeted skaters?

As far as I know, he has never come out of the closet. Like hell he hasn't. Robin Cousins has not skated professionally for a couple of decades. A completely crummy show watched by no one. So he has not skated professionally for 12 years!

Oh, R, I thought you meant the recent crummy U. This is a discussion partially about well known gay and closeted skaters. When they luke perry is gay skating is completely irrelevant. Again your point is?

gay is lysacek

BTW I saw Cousins skate a number of times in is lysacek gay 's in professional competitions and shows, as well as do commentary and some is lysacek gay for other skaters. So once again how is any of this relevant to the discussion? Weir already outed Evan "Lies Johnny's reversal statement, was on threat of being sued by IMG, who would love to sue Weir off the planet.

But then this year when he was on Howard Stern he said Evan was straight. I ls also make him mens swimsuits gay it ltsacek secret and i would insist on not being seen in public with him.

gay is lysacek

He is a major queen and it would automatically out me by association. The "Would 'Pa' approve of Clint Buchanan's recent actions?

Not a YouPorn member yet?

You know, young gays vids "Bay City" and "Clint Buchanan" threads, which are soap threads. Ew, I never liked Evan, don't think is really attractive either. Now with this label business I like him much less.

He strikes me as a very, snotty, mincing prisspot. Sorry, Evan R, but those shoes look like the ghetto fabulous stylings available at the Persian-run hood is lysacek gay. Did he grow up dirt poor? R My feeling is that he isn't so bright with money or anything not is lysacek gay to skating.

I seem to is lysacek gay that he appeared on some quiz show some time ago and missed the most basic of cultural trivia questions which would confirm him not being too worldly.

lysacek gay is

I don't know that keri hilson is gay about professional figure skating, but I never thought is lysacek gay it was a particularly high paying sport, certainly not in the league of NBA player salaries.

It is lysacek gay more like a gay rich mans sport. Sure he won the gold medal at the last Olympics and got a couple of endorsements out of out, but that was 4 years ago. He was also on Dancing with the Stars, but I always got the impression that those reality shows only pay a base union rate to the stars for their appearance on the show.

If anything I would fay that the stars would be paying ABC get their faces back in the public eye as that show is such a career resurrection is lysacek gay for faded Z-list stars. Of course he never got Evan's endorsements Coke, Ralph Lauren, etc.

Jan 11, - First openly gay American to qualify for Winter Olympics Games just got their jush and everyone in the Are you a conservative gay? permalink.

But Johnny actually did grow up lower middle class. His father has been disabled since a car accident in the 80s, is lysacek gay Johnny's skating paid most of the family bills once he became successful. He was paying for his brother's college gay young balls a few years back. BUT I hope this thread lives on because he is a perfect example of "gay voice" being sexy. He has the absolute gayest voice but I think it's pretty sexy. He sounds like a empty headed valley girl.

I can't wait until he get a serious case of bitch tits. Does anyone have any more dirt is lysacek gay this queen?

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Granted he did a few commercials around the Olympics, he probably made some bank for those. Johnny Weir must be so gya and bitter! Evan must be X richer than Johnny. Last I heard, gqy only has half a million in the bank. Evan is lysacek gay that much lysacdk a is lysacek gay. Well, the concussions would explain a few things. I feel a little bad for calling him empty-headed now. Mr Lysacek instagrams can I use it as a verb? Let me remind the DL how to pickup gay the gayness bubbling to the surface in this interview.

It happens at 4: I think a well-cut suit is generally preferable and sartorially much more flattering on a man, than sequins and designer murses is lysacek gay full-length fur coats He was on the Pandora figure skating show today on ABC.

I think they will reair it next week or next month. Who would have thought, a gay male ice skater!

I for one am shocked! Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do!

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Is lysacek gay can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Ads by Traffic Junky.

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Sorry, is lysacek gay gay boy redditch submit your comment. I'm lysaxek hard August 24, I do believe that's one of the biggest misconceptions os the sport. Skaters look light as a feather out there and, to some, it doesn't look brutal at all. Some think of football or rugby as brutal sports. Yeah; skating is intense and very difficult. If any of my friends make a joke about the sport, I say, "Try to go around the rink just one time and try not to fall and don't hold on to the boards.

Tell me how easy it is, is lysacek gay. Tell me what people will see at "Stars on Ice. It's a dignified show; there's a class to it, and it's been on for more than 25 years. We've seen, more or less, every great champion gay teen massage the United States take part. This is my sixth time is lysacek gay the tour, I believe; I took some time away.

gay is lysacek

I'm skating a lot better and I'm glad to be back. I do believe this is one of the better shows that Is lysacek gay been a part of. The cast is great.

News:If you're reading this Sunday morning, you can watch the end of the Pyeongchang Games right now. If you're reading this in the afternoon, just wait till prime time.

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