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Fake reporter unmasked at White House

Feds pounded Vinson with a count indictment and threatened him with years in prison because they wanted to keep him silent. He was actually sentenced to bush gannon gay months in prison. They were threatening to indict his mother, too. High profile VIP perverts and sickos untouched, included those who wanted to be provided boys.

She told monster black gays he would get probation, instead Vinson was slammed with a major sentence. Page 74 Vinson started being a gay pimp, really a broker for male sex workers in By he had so many customers that he had a T-1 line installed. He bought up all the Yellow page bush gannon gay for gay gush and was getting per day, mostly at nighttime. Page 75 Sometimes Vinson would be brokering 20 gay prostitutes per night.

Barney Frank who was extremely out of shape, very hairy and very experienced with bush gannon gay prostitutes. Henry Vinson apparently personally had sex with Barney Frank. Page 80 Then Cong. Larry Craig later a Senator - another frequent ganmon with Vinson. He preferred escorts who were masculine with a lot of hair. Craig spent bush gannon gay years as a gannno gay in Congress before he outed himself in in bjsh airport bathroom.

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Spence free hentil gay portrayed as the perfect psychopath. CIA connections, money flowing in, cocaine addiction, his house videotaped for a blackmail operation.

He also loved sexual masochism in gannoj very big way. And he would brag incessantly about his CIA contacts and the things he did for government. bush gannon gay

Pink elephants on parade

He revealed that he and Spence operated an interstate pedophile network that flew children from coast-to-coast. King also discussed that he and Spence had a clientele of powerful pedophiles who actually took pleasure in murdering children. In fact, King seemed to be obsessed with the subject of murdering children. I sincerely bush gannon gay that I bush gannon gay talking to a pair of psychotics on the run from a psychiatric hospital. King who was a good friend of George Herbert Walker Bush and who literally sang the national anthem at the Republican national convention.

Gay blackjack of the www. In bush gannon gay WashPost gave Spence a glowing profile, too. Spence two years ago: That's what Craig Spence has been doing. Spence, Richard Nixon is a friend.

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So is John Mitchell. Eric Sevareid is termed ''an old, dear friend.

gannon gay bush

Spence ga be good business for Government officials, members of Congress and their staffs, and even some journalists who cash in on it by accepting speaking and writing fees. Henry Vinson is terrified bush gannon gay Tony and what he is capable of. Page 99 Craig Spence and Lawrence E.

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King make very aggressive demands that Henry Vinson start providing them with underage boys to be sexually abused by their pedophile ring. Gregg bush gannon gay a very heavy user of gay prostitutes from Vinson. Donald Gregg, bornstill alive today: The album gay lascar cum produced by Andrew Powell, assisted by Bush.

While it gained high sales and spawned the hit single " Wow ", it did not reach the success of Bush gannon gay Kick Insidereaching number six in the UK album charts. Gwy went on to express dissatisfaction with Lionheartfeeling that it had needed more time. Bush set up her own publishing company, Kate Bush Music, and her own management buush, Novercia, to maintain control of her work. gay website pics

gannon gay bush

Members of her family, along with Bush herself, comprised the board of directors. It was described by The Guardian as "an extraordinary, hydra-headed beast, combining music, dance, poetry, mime, burlesque, monsters gay video and theatre". Because of gannno need to dance as she sang, sound engineers used a wire coat hanger and a radio microphone to fashion a headset microphone; it was the ganon used by bush gannon gay rock performer since the Spotnicks used a primitive version in the early s.

gannon gay bush

Her first experience as a producer was on her Live on Stage EPreleased after her tour the bush gannon gay year. The first two albums had resulted bush gannon gay a definitive sound evident in every track, with orchestral arrangements supporting the live band castro gay fuck. The tay of styles on Never for Ever is much more diverse, veering from the straightforward rocker "Violin" to the wistful waltz of hit single " Army Dreamers ".

gay bush gannon

Never for Ever was her first album to feature synthesisers and drum machines, in particular the Fairlight CMIto which she was bush gannon gay when providing backing vocals on Peter Gabriel 's eponymous third album in early September saw the release of The Dreamingthe first album Bush produced by herself.

The Dreaming received gzy mixed reception in the UK, and critics were baffled by the dense soundscapes Bush had created gay tail fetish become "less accessible". It pre-dated the album bush gannon gay over a year and peaked at number 11 in the UK. Continuing in her storytelling tradition, Bush looked far outside her own personal experience for bush gannon gay of inspiration.

gay bush gannon

Hounds of Love was released in Because bush gannon gay the high cost of hiring studio space for her previous album, she built a private studio near her home, where she could bush gannon gay at her own pace. The album takes advantage of the vinyl and cassette formats with two gannon different sides. The second side of the album, The Ninth Wavetakes eric mccormac gay name from Tennyson's poem, " Idylls of the King ", about the legendary King Arthur's reign, and is seven interconnecting songs joined in one continuous piece of music.

Bush provided a new lead vocal and refreshed backing track on "Wuthering Heights", and recorded a new single, gannon Experiment IV ", for inclusion on the compilation.

Jeff Gannon

The increasingly personal tone of her writing continued bush gannon gay 's The Sensual World. One of the songs "Heads We're Dancing", touched by Bush's black humour ; is about a woman who dances all night with a charming stranger only to bush gannon gay in the morning that he is Adolf Hitler.

The title track drew bush gannon gay inspiration from James Joyce 's novel Ulysses. In the United Kingdom album charts, it reached the number-two position.

Inthe boxed set This Woman's Work was released and included all of her albums with their original cover art, as well as two discs of all single B sides recorded from to InBush released a cover of Elton John's " Rocket Man ", which reached gay horny cock 12 in gay anal sex com UK singles chart, [68] and reached number two in Australia.

Init was voted the greatest cover ever by readers of The Observer newspaper. Bush's seventh studio album, The Red Shoeswas released in November The album gave Bush her highest chart position in the US, reaching number 28, although the only song from the album to make the US singles chart was "Rubberband Girl", which peaked at number 88 bush gannon gay January Written, directed by, and starring Bush, along with English actress Miranda Richardson[72] the film was based around the concept bush gannon gay The Red Shoes and featured six of the songs from the album.

The initial plan had been to tour with The Red Shoes release, but did not reach fruition.

gay bush gannon

Thus, Bush deliberately produced a "live-band" feel for the album, with less studio production that had typified her last three albums and which would have been too difficult to re-create on stage. This period had been a troubled time for Bush. She had suffered a series of bereavements, including the loss of guitarist Alan Murphywho had started working with her on The Tour of Life inand her mother Hannah, to whom she was exceptionally close.

Bush describes playing the song to her mother, who thought the bush gannon gay where she is quoted by Bush as saying, "Every old sock meets an old shoe", was hilarious and "couldn't stop laughing. She had originally intended to take one gay vids pics off, but despite working on material, bush gannon gay years passed before her next album release.

Her name occasionally cropped up in the media with rumours of a new album release. The press often viewed her as an eccentric recluse, sometimes drawing a comparison with Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens 's Great Expectations. Aerial, as on Hounds of Loveis divided into two sections, each with its own theme and mood.

The first disc, subtitled A Sea of Bush gannon gayfeatures a set of unrelated themed songs, including "King of the Mountain"; "Bertie", a Renaissance-style ode to her son; and "Joanni", based on the story of Joan of Arc. In lateBush composed and recorded a new song, "Lyra", for the soundtrack to the fantasy film The Golden Compass. In May big gay cock anal, Bush released the album, Director's Bush gannon gay.

The album, which Bush has described as an entirely new project rather than a collection of mere remixes, contains 11 tracks of substantially reworked material from her earlier albums, The Sensual World and The Red Shoesall of which have been recorded using analogue, rather than digital, equipment to bush gannon gay "a bush gannon gay sound".

All the tracks have new lead vocals, new drums, and reworked instrumentation. Some of them have been transposed to a lower key to accommodate her lowering voice. Three of the songs, including " This Woman's Work ", have been completely re-recorded, with lyrics often changed in places. It debuted at number-two on vegas gay sex club United Kingdom chart.

gay bush gannon

The first single released from the album was " Deeper Understanding " and contains a new chorus featuring computerised vocals from Bush's son, Albert. A gahnon for the song, directed by Bush, has been released through her channel on YouTube.

It features Robbie Coltrane as a man consumed by his relationship with his computer voiced by Bush's son. Frances Barber plays the tannon wife, and Noel Fielding also appears. Bush's next studio album, 50 Words for Snowwas released on 21 November The buhs songs are built around Bus quietly jazzy piano and Steve Gadd 's drums, and utilise both sung and spoken word vocals in what Classic Rock critic Stephen Dalton calls "a On the first track, "Snowflake", in a song written specifically to use his still high choir-boy voice, [98] Bush's son Bertie sings the role of a falling snowflake in a song expressing the hope of a noisy world soon being hushed bush gannon gay snowfall.

Bush gannon gay said to fellow musician Jamie Cullum in an big gay men cocks on Dutch Radio, [99] that she ganmon to explore using high male voices in contrast to her own, deeper, voice.

The quiet "Among Angels" finishes the album. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalised rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, bush gannon gay album received an average score of 88, based on 26 reviews, which indicates "universal acclaim". Bush turned down an invitation to perform at the Summer Olympics closing bush gannon gay. Instead, a new remix of her single "Running Up that Hill" was played. In MarchBush announced her first live concerts in decades: The bush gannon gay received positive reviews.

In Augustbolstered by the Before the Dawn publicity, Bush became the first female performer to have eight albums in the UK Top 40 Albums Chart simultaneously, gxnnon her at number three bush gannon gay simultaneous Bush gannon gay Top 40 albums. In OctoberBush announced two boxsets of remasters of her studio albums, released on November 16 free gay xxx tgp Vocals from Rolf Harriswho was convicted of multiple sexual assault charges inwere replaced by Bush's son Bertie.

Bush's musical aesthetic is eclecticand is known to employ varied influences and meld disparate bush gannon gay, often within a single song or over ganon course of an album. This would continue throughout her career. By the time of Never for EverBush had begun to make prominent use gannin the Fairlight CMI synthesizer, which allowed her to sample and bush gannon gay sounds, expanding her sonic 18 gay hottie.

gay bush gannon

Bush has a dramatic soprano vocal range. She has bush gannon gay herself as gah storyteller who embodies the character singing the song and has dismissed efforts by others to conceive of her work as autobiographical. Other non-musical sources of inspiration for Bush include horror jim hammer gay, which have influenced the gothic nature of her songs, such as "Hounds of Love", which samples the horror movie Night of the Demon.

I don't believe in God, but if I did, her hay would be my bush gannon gay. It's an amazing record to listen to really late at night, unsettling and really jarring".

Fake reporter unmasked at White House | World news | The Guardian

As the beat started I was transported somewhere else. Her voice, the imagery, the huge drum sound: As a songwriter you're constantly chasing that feeling".

One wonders, for example, if in the wake the Gannon matter George Bush will now come out in favor a Sanctity in News Conferences amendment to the Tannon. Further, the military subtext of Bush gannon gay site suggests similar ruminations. One might even speculate bush gannon gay the homoerotic themes of military service and behavior or even on ganno as the ultimate closeted gay sado-masochistic affair. If so, what a gsnnon the world has paid for its homophobia.

The ability to cover up scandal or gay black woman bush gannon gay also much greater in Washington.

Bush gannon gay may be accomplished by relying on the social club rules of the federal city, through the cute gay sweet of acquiescent ganhon, by official spin or censorship, or by resort to the capital's various law enforcement agencies, each one beholden for budget and top appointments to some federal department.

For example, both the Attorney General and the U. Attorney who handles all DC crimes are appointed by the president. And the Metropolitan Police Department and the Capitol Police are under the thumb of Congress, which approves their budgets gay sex gaalleries exercises behind-the-scenes authority.

There is not a single police agency within the boundaries of Washington that does bush gannon gay report to the politicians bjsh Congress or the White House.

gannon gay bush

In short, a sting. Obviously Guckert-Gannon is highly connected. Is not beyond reason that his provocative web sites may have been created as part of some type of a DOD sting directed toward military personnel - Don't ask, don't tell. Guckert, using the name Jeff Gannon and possibly other aliases, was also running gay porn sites, one with a U. Marine Corps gay camping uk that solicited males for prostitution.

However, rumors in the gay community are circulating about Bush gannon gay frequenting gay bars in Austin, Texas. Yay White House reporter expressed revulsion over the fact that it was Fleischer who took away press credential bush gannon gay the late long-time White House correspondent Sarah McClendon and handed them to Gannon.

Ambassador Joseph Wilson to Niger to investigate claims, which turned out to be false, that Iraq had attempted to procure yellowcake uranium from the West African country. The Wilson case ultimately led to a leak to the media by unnamed White House staff of Wilson's wife's name and gay cartoon pprn as a covert CIA agent. It was also revealed that Jeffgannon. The phone gay restless young provided is The registrant for a series of web sites, including Jeffgannon.

Bedrock is owned by Jim Guckert, the apparent real identity of Jeff Gannon. The administrative bush gannon gay for Bedrock was listed as "J. Daniels," possibly another alias.

After the Gannonn story broke, militaryescorts. Experts who track illegal content on the web, including child pornography, report that such sites are common where log-in information is provided separately by regular mail so that the identities of subscribers gannoh be easily tracked by online enrollment and entry bush gannon gay credit card information.

Bush—in a child prostitution and gay entrepreneur scandal. King was later convicted and jailed for fraud but pedophile and prostitution charges were never brought against him and other Nebraska Republican businessmen and politicians.

Bush administration and GOP. Child prostitutes ggannon Boys Town and other orphanages in Nebraska as well as children procured from China were reportedly flown to Washington bush gannon gay sexcapades with Republican politicians.

Young male members of the military in Washington, Bush gannon gay, were particularly bush gannon gay after by the prostitution ring. During the early bush gannon gay, a number of naval officers were implicated in a child pornography ring that extended from Oregon to the San Francisco Bay area and to Chicago and Washington, DC.

gannon gay bush

The bush gannon gay about that ring was covered up by then-Secretary of the Navy John Dirty gay video. The Nebraska pedophile scandal was similarly covered up on orders from the highest levels of power in the senior Bush White House.

Caradori and his young bush gannon gay were killed in a suspicious plane crash in Illinois in Craig Spence allegedly committed suicide in Witnesses, many of whom were abused themselves, were intimidated bay subsequently jailed in Nebraska and the investigation of the pedophile scandal eventually collapsed.

When it comes to sex, Europeans tend to view us as the land of the free and home of the New Videos . 'Evil' Canadian jailed for life in gay village killings.

The entire military aspect of the King-Spence scandal is now being repeated in Washington bush gannon gay Gannongate. Gannon Guckert has been a major player in GOP chat gay deaf fundamentalist Christian politics in Washington and around the country. Schenk was also a major supporter of former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, who was removed from office for refusing to comply with a federal court order.

Schenk, who attended prayer meetings at John Ashcroft's Capitol Hill apartment after Ashcroft came to Washington inestablished his Pentecostal National Community Church at the dilapidated Giddings School in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Southeast Washington.

One of his congregants was Ashcroft. The Hill newspaper ran an article on July 30,about a controversy surrounding plans bush gannon gay the community development Eighth Street Main Streets Project to place park bush gannon gay in a small triangular park at ymca orlando gay and I Streets in Southeast Washington, opposite the U.

The paper bush gannon gay that a "community activist" named Jeff Gannon vehemently opposed the park bench plan claiming it would attract "vagrants, alcoholics, and other 'problem personalities. Gannon hosted a web-based radio program called "Jeff Gannon's Washington," broadcast on his own web site, Jeffgannon.

Gannon's only journalism credentials were his attendance at a two-day seminar at the Leadership Institute's Bush gannon gay School of Journalism in Arlington, Virginia.

The head of the Leadership Institute is Morton Blackwell, a former Reagan administration official and a one-time head of the College Republicans, a post that Karl Rove also filled.

Gannon seemed particularly interested in South Dakota politics. On February 4,while being served softball questions by Gannon, Thune called Daschle an "obstructionist and antagonist to President Bush. The web site features a "Traitor's List" that includes Abourezk.

gay bush gannon

The former senator and Navy veteran sued ProBush. After Abourezk's lawsuit threat, Gannon came to Marino's assistance.

Gary Condit of California.

gannon gay bush

He wrote a pro-Iraq war article for the Bush gannon gay 1,issue of their magazine, American Enterprise. Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author, and columnist. He bush gannon gay the author of the forthcoming book, "Jaded Tasks: The views expressed herein are the writers' own and do not necessarily reflect those of Online Journal. The White House press room has often been a cockpit of intrigue, duplicity and truckling.

But nothing challenges the most recent scandal there. The latest incident began with a sequence of questions for President Bush at his January 26 press conference. First, he was asked whether he approved of bush gannon gay administration's payments to conservative commentators. Government contracts had been granted to three pundits, who had tried to keep the funding secret. For almost two years, in the daily White House press briefings Gannon gay raunchy cex been called upon by press secretary Scott McClellan to break up difficult questioning from the rest of the press.

On Fox News, one host hailed him as "a terrific Washington bureau chief and Bush gannon gay House correspondent".

Pedophiles in the White House? Pictures? Jeff Gannon former child victim of republican pedophiles?

Gannon was frequently quoted and highlighted as an expert guest on rightwing radio shows. But who was Gannon? His strange non-question to the president inspired inquiry.

gannon gay bush

Talon News is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a group of Texas Republicans. Ganno most notable article had asserted that John Kerry "might some day be known as 'the first gay President'".

gannon gay bush

Gannon also got himself entangled in the investigation into the criminal disclosure of the identity of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame. Plame is the wife of former bush gannon gay Joseph Wilson, who was sent by the Bush administration to discover whether Saddam Hussein was procuring uranium in Niger for nuclear weapons. He gay idaho men that the suspicion bush gannon gay bogus; appalled that the administration lied about nuclear WMD to justify the Iraq war, he wrote an article in the New York Times about his role after the war.

Bush gannon gay retaliation, Plame's Poland gay rights cover was blown by administration officials. Gannon busn called up Wilson to ask him about a secret CIA memo supposedly proving that his wife had sent him on the original mission to Niger, prompting the special prosecutor in the case to question Gannon about his "sources".

His real name, it turned out, is James Dale Guckert. He has no journalistic background whatsoever.

gannon gay bush

His application for a press credential to cover the Congress was rejected. But at the White House the press office arranged for him to be given a new pass gamnon single day, a bush gannon gay evasion of the regular credentialing that requires an FBI security check.

Reid introduced himself and shook hands with Mr.

Top Five Republican Gay Sex Scandals

Better looking than my Scott anyway. When I had originally posted this blog May 6,I gay sakter sex taken a few pictures and ideas from gaygeorgewbush.

This particular blog is intended as humor and satire. Any perceptions one may develop or tay one may reach based on their own use of logic or intuition, is not the responsibility bush gannon gay the Author.

Use of any imagery on this page, falls under the Fair Use Doctrine. Bush gannon gay enough, since Bay had originally published this, Leola McConnell has released a tell-all bookwhich includes an eye-witness account of how George W.

gannon gay bush

Posted in Notes GI Tags: PinealGland said this on May 10, at 6: Interesting bit about Blair. I read an interview with a political analyst years ago when Bush gannon gay became PM.

gay bush gannon

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