Seal360 has experts in many areas to assist healthcare facilities. We will work closely with your environmental services leaders to create site specific Green Cleaning procedures manuals that create buy in from EVS staff and mitigate liability while reducing workman’s comp claims.

Our experienced LEED-AP will provide you with occupant energy use audits that can result in significant energy savings, which provides quick ROI in addition to a quantifiable step towards sustainable buildings.

Implementing change takes vision, planning and expertise. Seal360 has a program that CAN help you change the culture of hand washing amongst your building occupants. This new culture will assist in the prevention of cross contamination and decrease absenteeism, ensuring you do not lose funding due to low attendance.

Do you wonder how video monitoring with data mining capabilities can help your facility? Surveillance systems enhance your activity tracking in key areas, helping to fight gratuitous litigation.

We also have extensive experience with:

• Quality/Cleanliness Troubleshooting
• EVS Training
• RFP/Bid assistance
• HazCom/GHS and Bloodborne Pathogen training