Skip Seal

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Skip Seal, CEO & Consultant,, or 918-607-5597.

Attended San Jacinto Junior College and University of Houston. I.C.E.-GB; LEED Accredited Professional. Served his country in the US Army, and was decorated for heroism in ground combat while serving in Vietnam.

As an RM, earned numerous sales awards over 22 years. Created the Training Certification Program™, which enables customization of cleaning procedure manuals for end-users.

Promoted to Divisional Sales Manager and directed five divisions. Mentored numerous industry sales professionals. Created Spartan’s Certified Green Cleaning Specialist Program.

  • Sales & Customer Service Training
  • Distribution Logistics & Territory Management
  • Site Specific Procedures
  • RFP Creation/ RFQ Development
  • Training Program Development
  • Sustainability Programs
  • Certification Assistance
  • xSell360 Analysis & Recommendations