Gary Liberti

Gary Liberti Pic
Gary Liberti, Human Resources Consultant

Graduated from Mount Union College while working at United Parcel Service in operations and later management.  Taught Social Studies and History along with coaching in Alliance City Schools.

Returned to United Parcel Service and worked for 27 years.  Worked in both operations and Human Resources.  Managed several districts as a Human Resources Manager and several regions as an Employee Relations Manager, working with non-union and union groups.

Managed departments directly and large groups indirectly.
Operational experience has enabled  the understanding of Human Resources decisions impact on operations. Ability to see short and long term effect of decisions and processes.  Managed small and large business units overseeing all facets of operations and HR.

  • Safety
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Employee Relations; including ADR
  • Compensation administration
  • Training
  • Labor Relations and Discipline Process
  • Evaluation Process and People Development