1.  Who are your consultants?
Follow these links for our primary consultants.

Skip Seal, CEO & Principal Consultant

Gary Liberti, Human Resources Consultant

Anna Rodriguez, Healthcare Consultant

Seal 360 also teams up with other professionals whom we’ve vetted and feel absolutely sure that they will uphold our high service and value standards.Our team’s qualifications are well documented and their experience quite diverse. We have authored trade publication articles (SEEN HERE), achieved degrees and certifications, networked with your peers and been featured speakers throughout our industries.

2.  What geographical areas do you service?
Our consultants are based all over the country and can work remotely as well as travel onsite. We service North America and the Caribbean, and are open to international engagements as needed.

3. Other than custom services, do you have “pre packaged” services?
Yes. Simple programs are available for various training and audit services. Examples include HazCom, Bloodborne Pathogen Training, and Hand Washing.

4.  How do you bill for services?
There is no fee for initial evaluation of your needs unless travel is involved. All other billing is determined after evaluation and will be stipulated in the contract.  We are very flexible in helping you arrange a fee structure that works for your budget and project.

5.  How can I contact Seal360 Consulting?
To contact Seal 360, please email us at Skip@seal-360.com or call 918-607-5597.  Individual consultant phone numbers and emails can be found on their profile pages that are linked above.