About Us

Why Seal 360 Consulting?

The 360 concept originated from our desire to save our clients the time, expense and frustration of vetting all of the various consulting experts. Our team is comprised of professionals totaling over 100 years of experience in their diverse fields. Each of us enjoys the challenge of bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to all aspects of your workplace as we identify “Your Needs” and develop “Our Solutions”.

Seal 360 is not a one person, do it all, consultant. Our team includes experts in commercial laundry, nursing, security measures, ERP project management, CRM analysis, sales training, cleaning and food service procedure setup, government required training, business process improvement, sustainability initiatives, industrial engineering, franchise analysis, and more.

We know you don’t let just anyone come into your workplace. Our experts have significant experience and a full circle of qualifications, certifications, and degrees such as LEED AP, MBA, ISSA CIMS I.C.E., etc.