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Engage Employees, Empower Courtesy, Evolve Quality.

Our customizable training systems provide solutions to fit your culture.

3E HealthCare

An Engaged Employee is an invaluable asset. „In order to feel engaged,  staff must understand their role, their importance, and their progress towards goals.  Top level communication of the importance of the cleaning role,  recognition programs, and reinforcement of the value of their training and certification are critical tools of engagement.

„As a leader, you must Empower your team to provide Courtesy to all patients and visitors.  New healthcare initiatives drive pay for performance across all departments, and happy patients will lead to higher HCAHPS.  Customer Service is more important than ever, yet many new EVS employees need reinforcement with basic social skills such as eye contact. At Seal 360, we believe that with standardized training and clear expectations your staff will develop confidence in their roles.

The final factor is Evolving overall Quality.  First we must understand which tools fit best with the current culture while meeting basic quantitative needs.  There are numerous QC systems and which is the correct fit takes careful consideration. Employee engagement, open communication and teamwork during implementation will enable more acceptance of your new quality assurance system.  „Quantitative expectations should be posted, with a timeline and firm evaluation dates set.  At this point, the proper corrective measures and/or rewards should be expected by your engaged and service oriented staff!

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